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A lot has been happening in my life, leaving this site without many updates. I fell in love and am living happily, nay ecstatically, with this new love of mine.
Who happens to be a man, thus shaking my entire worldview a tad.
Everything here is still true, I have found the only man in the world for me, and still adore, admire, am attracted to women. Its just my soulmate happens to be of the male persuasion... I'm hoping to amend the bio etc soon, meanwhile enjoy all the treasures this site holds for anyone who loves women.

New Sites!

The original was discovered in a Viking burial mound, historians worked long and hard to recreate the instrument and contemplate what musics were played up on it. Now, find out about our (ongoing and not quite yet complete) reconstruction of a seventh century lyre! I'm so excited about this Lyre Project.

Come visit my latest webpages, Bard Dance, devoted to music, specifially my beloved celtic harp.

Poor poor little guestbook. All sad and lonely with no visitors. Can you hear it whimpering? Go on, have pity, and sign the guestbook. Such a nice nice person you are! :)

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Welcome, o gracious visitor, to a special place - my own, my very own homepage. Aimed to be a wondrous and womyn friendly place, there are things for all interested lesbians & bisexual women to browse through, including now, the actual keywords dyke, lesbian and bisexual! ... Relax then, and enjoy, for here can be found wondrous things, as always with the one true aim of soothing the weary traveller as she pauses on her way. Deep hours of contemplation have resulted in a wider range of sweetmeats to suit the more discerning palate!

To begin your sojourn, might I entreat you to glance fleetingly across at The Weekly Thingummy for a small, strange but special gift provided not-weekly for you, my special guest? Or visit Desktop Toys for the choicest pick of 'puter toys

As ever, I invite you to the inner sanctum, to revel in something naughty, at the frankly sensual Catnips Erotica. (Be sure to read the interview about my writing at Lesbian Erotica). Pause awhile to ponder Catnips Poetry, my own attempts to capture the beauty of womyn love and be sure to read the article about one of them. Spend a moment or twenty appreciating better writers than I as they extol the female form in Womyn Is Beauty. If you appreciate fine art then wander to Catnips Auburn Gallery to admire a special lady, then revel in the glories of Degas Nudes. And if all these womyn astound you, why not add one of my Lesbian Desktops to your screen?

I've been busy playing and reviewing many fun games, come read my views at GamePhase. I also started making skins for ICQ, it looks so much better with a cool image, come get yours at Catnips Skins.

I love Hobbes! Come and find out what all the fuss is about at Yet Another Calvin and Hobbes Page. Anyone else remember that baggy old cloth cat, Bagpuss? Pay him a visit and then wander through the world of those fabulous 70s kids programmes at Past Perfect. And if that's not enough fun for you, join me in a little childish indulgence of all things soft and soppy in The Icky Skwooshy Soppy Page - I'm sorry, I couldn't resist it, so have your best bear handy as protection, this could get cute! Now re-install your sense of culture by checking out Catnips Art Links and reading some poems to make you laugh or think at Dykepomes. Or better still, get geeky at the revised Catnips Psion Page, a tribute to the best palmtop ever.

Why not take a wander down memory lane and see the first and second incarnations of Catnips Homepage? And if you wander further afield, check out Nipcat's Home, e Kishar and The Werehobbit's Lair where my alter egos lurk.

Seeking images or backgrounds for your budding webpages? The WebHobbit is here to oblige, with her WebPage Graphics - more resources added eventually.

And finally, your patience has been rewarded! This is it! They're here! Catnips Snaps! Yes, you can see pics of the Catnip herself - why folks want to do such strange things I really have no idea... Even stranger a desire would be signing Catnips Guestbook. Curious about Catnip? A small biography is available. A biography desperately in need up updating, please be patient. Plus, assess your true feelings towards Catnip here...

A person named Catnip is sure to have a cat in her life somewhere, and I do. Come meet my new cats, Buffy & PC

Thus tired, weary, having savoured to the full this merry place and with an oath to venture here once more, I bid you meet some other folk, abiding here in comfort's nest - alt.shoe.lesbian.moderated

[Enhance your shoe knowledge at The ASLM Pages...]

For someone...a poem

And now that I, your smooth limbs spreading gently,
Do lean down low to kiss sun-cherished skin
And finger-curl the lion's tamest mane,
These folds of tangled copper hair
It seems at once this earth is paused, breath-holding
Awaiting but your sigh, my love
And snake-skin bark beneath your form, o sweet one
Basks languid in this heat, this hour -
Ah joy!

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Proud Member of the Equality Project

A frabjous farewell, then, my newfound friend!

I trust you find yourself now fully refreshed by your lingering sojourn in this place...

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