Esheep wanders around your desktop, just doing his thing, which is trotting along the tops of windows till he falls off, munching grass, getting chased by an amourous black sheep, and a couple of weird things I don't want to spoil for you. He sleeps a lot too. Such a tiny little sheep, yet everyone loves him. Now I don't really have much of an opinion on sheep, I mean, they have wool, go baa, wander round in flocks and seem generally friendly whenever you encounter them.

This one is pretty darn sweet tho, with his big eyes and cute little horns (was just wondering if he was really a he sheep and not a she sheep, but I think the horns clinch it. Though they are a very fetching shade of pink...)

Like all the best desktop toys, Esheep is just there. Open up loads of copies and have whole flocks rampaging (very cutely) across your screen, and have fun picking them up and dropping them in mid-air till they go splat... Everyone who sees Esheep wants him for their own 'puter, so be ready for the demand!

To get your own Esheep, click here to download.